Multi-Disciplinary Artist Kaitlyn McKenzie Nelson, often known as "Kenzie" (She/Her) produces 2D and 3D works. She prolifically creates Paintings, Murals, Illustrations, Sculptures and Theatrical sets within her own narrative universe as well as creates commission and contract projects for clients. Her weekly Practice includes teaching online classes in Both 2D painting and Drawing and Sculptural processes. 

Kenzie creates primarily based out of her studio in and around her hometown Portland, Oregon. 


 Biological inquiry, Biophilia {the human tendency to create relationships with other forms of life), social stewardship, surrealism and original narratives trend the artists inspiration and come out through her diverse media productions. Her creative processes have been nurtured from a young age growing up in a family of Painters and Carpenters, she began perusing a mastery of painting by the age of 10 and has developed proficiency in a wide variety of materials and processes. 


As a young artist Kaitlyn received her first gallery showing at Hunt and Gather in Portland by the age of 15 at the same time began showing at local art events and street festivals. By the age of 21 she enrolled at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland. In 2017 she received her BFA in Illustration with a special focus in painting, performance and soft sculpture. Her most renowned projects to date include "Enfant Poission, Trash fish Ecstacy and Chaos" her Under grad thesis wok that went on to win first Place at At "Shift: and experiment in Fashion design"2019 and "Three Koi Pooling” A mural painted and featured on HGTV’s “Shipping Container Homes” in 2015. In 2016 she took a 3 month painting residency in Durdan, France and in 2018 she wrote, costumed, directed and produced the original Play “Emcee Wakes” with a Comic and soundtrack release coming in December 2020. Kenzie serves her community creating commission graphics and sculptural objects as well as teaching weekly online classes. 


To connect with the Artist directly you can reach her at Meadow.Base@gmail.com

and see her studio practice and Gallery on Instagram: 

@KaitlynKenzie and @meadowbase